Popular events demand results
in a swift manner. We can help with that.

ClockCaster was built and tested by referees in the southwest USRowing region.
Its development is fuelled by volunteers of the competitive rowing and kayak communities.
Future development into other sporting venues and applications will follow based on use and feedback we receive.

A flexible platform for your team

ClockCaster was built with the mobile user in mind to begin with. With the abundance of mobile devices now in use, ClockCaster can be used in remote locations or the more-established venues that are suited for timing tasks. Of course, we support the desktop user as well. All modern web browsers are supported. ClockCaster is ready for multiple users at the same time, mobile or behind the desk. We provide a light-weight design, suitable for low-bandwidth conditions, yet usable to get your job done.

Publish Results

The flagship feature of ClockCaster. Publish results to your spectators and participants on-site using the medium of your choice, or, let them check on their own devices. Heck, event print them onto a board at your venue. You can do what you want! Be sure to give them the event link that we provide you.

Publish Schedules

As you enter your race data, we automatically create a schedule for your audience. For larger events, you can enter advancements for multiple days as the event progresses. This works especially well for participants that qualify for final events. You can also publish notices such as delays of an event.

Event Content

Have publications to distribute to everyone? It only makes sense to have this feature! Upload documents up to 6MB and list them on your event link.

Make it work for you

Record time as you want

Let's face it, not everyone has the resources to have a state-of-the-art timer, let alone have the people to run it. With all this comes the streamlined ability to publish. This is why we're here. Use the timing instruments you need to get the job done and the information where you need it.

Integrate with timing systems

Have access to this equipment? ClockCaster will work with the most-popular timing equipment on the market, such as FinishLynx™. Data can be imported and exported on the fly. You can even define an application field to link participants between the two systems. This feature is still in development and will be available in the future.

Approval Workflow

It is likely your race data should not be published until approved by an official. You have the flexibility to hold publishing in case of situations that require review (i.e. protests). If you have to revise something, you can do that too and we'll note it.


Social Media is around us. Does your audience prefer to use Twitter? Have us syndicate your results out to your Twitter account, automatically upon publication. This development is still in development and will be available in the future.

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