What We Do

You heard that right! ClockCaster could be what you've been looking for.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the bridge to the gap in the modern publication approach at these events. Far too often we see a disconnect between the event coordination and how race information is distributed.

Our Focus

ClockCaster is initially set to serve the functions of the boating events such as: Rowing (Head Race & Sprints), Canoe & Kayak Sprints, and Dragon Boats. Other types of events may be supported in the future based on feedback.


From do-it-yourself to the full offering, ClockCaster can fulfill that missing piece you've always needed at your boating event. With this comes a great deal of preparation prior to your event.

Race Data Preparation

Having an functional timing system on the big day requires a good deal of preparation. Need to import a huge amount of entries from somewhere? We can help with that!

Pricing Per Entry

• Less than 50: FREE
• 50 - 100: $75 flat
• 101 - 250: $75 + 75¢ per entry > 100
• 251 - 500: $188 + 50¢ per entry > 250
• 500 or more: Contact us


Insist on needing help with your timing operation? We may be able to help you! We even have people trained with FinishLynx™. Contact us

External API

Do you have a need to support 3rd party syndication of your data for immediate access to results? We believe in open data from the start.

Want to use ClockCaster?

Since the public beta, usage of the platform is still by invitation. However, we invite you to send us a request so we can chat about your event.

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Please Note: If you are inquiring about an inaccurate set of results or scheduling, please contact the event operator.

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